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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Winning and losing a bet... (the day before the Ford's retreat)

After a week of ERB testing (don't ask me what the name stands for because I don't know) and working on This I Believe speeches, we needed to blow off some steam. During a break all three of us delivered our speeches for their peers. I had been bet that I wouldn't get my speech done. Two pies to the face. Its been pretty close to done since the weekend, but I didn't tell them that. Since I had the stuff for the pies...why not.
BTW-Both of the delegates did a nice job presenting. One is doing an excerpt from King's I Have a Dream speech and one is doing an original oration on how losing teaches you perseverance and problem solving skills. We haven't really played with speechifying for a month or so and they were rusty. that is to be expected. And their audience is trained to call them on it. That being said, they are ready for the Ford's retreat. I am excited to see where the teaching artists take them as speakers over the next few days. But for now, they are ready.
I will be too if I can find a sub...my Friday sub just called in sick. Will post more as I go along.

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