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Monday, May 23, 2011

"People don't talk like that anymore."

I was watching National Treasure last night and think I annoyed my wife with my my giggling and "I'm gonna be there in six weeks." There is something that Nicolas Cage is told when the trio is in Philly that has me thinking. One of the characters says, "People don't talk like that anymore," when the Ben Gates character starts waxing poetic on something 1776. His response is, "No, but they think that way."
No, but they think that way...
I guess one of the reasons I teach is to help my students wrestle with the ideas (ideals) we think in our heads versus the world we live in. Citizenship is that reconciliation of what we believe to be true in a world in which sometimes the lowest common denominator prevails.

This is a video from www.declareyourself.com (via youtube). The Morgan Freeman intro is excellent and the readings quite good. Look past Kathy Bates as the nurse who hobbles James Caan in Misery and five finger discount Ryder and Mel 'how many rants can a career take' Gibson.

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