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Sunday, June 1, 2014

50+02 days: And one to grow on ...

This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists out there. Sums up my weekend better than any six sentences...and it improves on the silence.

I said something on social media about an embarrassment of riches this past week and I still and feel that way. This is easily the best birthday weekend ever.
  • I got to see or talk with all the kids, girlfriend-in-laws and grands over the weekend. (BTW-I miss you Joey and Emily!) No family is perfect and I still struggle with not having been the Ozzy and Harriet dad I always thought I would be to all my kids , but seeing the grands playing and running, blowing bubbles and eating smores and marshmallows by the bag made me accept that I did my best and, based on the six little humans they are raising, my older kids the are too.
  • I watched my teen sons graciously serve both me a member of our congregation who needed strong backs. I am really enjoying watching them grow into young men.
  • I got to both serve and be served on my birthday. A nice ying and yang. I had groused a few weeks ago about not wanting the prep to the party being a marathon of chores. Sometimes I am a tool! I was exhausted from the week of prep and helping someone in the midst of the chaos that is moving, but I would have missed so much of the joy that was last week without it.
  • 35+  people took the evening to celebrate with our family. One of my favorite moments of the night was seeing dear friends from work chatting with dear friends from church and my non-teacher world. I also got to be an accomplice in my brother's surprise birthday party; saw a grown up niece and nephew who are making their way in the world--I can't wait to see their next steps.
  • The weekend finished where it normally does, at Grace Presbyterian Church. Maggie and the boys spent five hours serving the youth program washing cars while I helped lead a worship service as one of the soloists.
I have no real words to say how blessed I am. We had communion today--kinda the pinnacle for me in worship--and I kept reflecting how blessed I am.

When I just get out of the way of myself, I can see it.

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