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Thursday, February 28, 2013

There is no crying in baseball (or speech competitions)!

Ok, this is a great clip but there is some salty language...view discretion advised.

The speech competition for my students is this weekend and I'm a wreck! As students prepare their work I find myself saying no alot.

No student below a certain grade average may compete.
No duplication of speeches for the competition.
No students may give their speches without being in the competition.
No i before e except after Bill Bailey comes home...

It has confirmed why I am not the judge of the competition. I have nothing close to an objective eye. I know the kids for whom public speaking is a breeze and make a mental note wshen they aren't working all that hard. I know of the kids who will kill themselves to do well and only make it so far.

The phrase I've been using with the students is that I'm an ice cream truck. I want everyone to be happy and everything to work out like a Disney sit-com. The reality is that there are going to be some kids who will be disappointed. That reality is as much a part of the learning curve as the recitation or winning. It still breaks my heart a little though. The advocate in me wants to give out gold stars and jucieboxes to each person; which may be more unfair in the end. It probably isn't advocating as much as it is conflict avoidance. I keep thinking about the scene from League of Our Own I've posted above.

"There is no crying in baseball."

Maybe, I need my own little Jimmy Dugan to follow me around this week.

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