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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can we trust Paul Revere?

We've been looking at the ramp up to the Revolutionary War and today we talked about the Sons of Liberty, virtual versus actual representation and the Boston Massacre. We explored the engraving by Paul Revere titled, Bloody Massacre. I've told my students that people are tired of me paraphrasing and so some of them are going to get online and offer their own thoughts. Today we just analyzed the engraving. Tomorrow we'll compare what Revere drew versus the actual testimony of the soldiers, witness and the lawyers at the trial.

Bloody Massacre, engraving by Paul Revere
Taken from the Gilder Lehrman Institute website

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  1. I see that the 3 colonists have died, but none of the British soldiers have. The colonists don't have any weapons with them. The battle seems like it took place in front of a church. The British on the right side and the colonists are on the left because England is to the right of the Atlantic Ocean and the thirteen colonies. Is there something significant about the dog in the middle of the battle?