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Monday, November 19, 2012

The 149th Anniversary of Near Perfection

Lincoln at Gettysburg National Cemetery (Source: National Archives)

The Gettysburg Address

The sesquicentennial minus one of the Gettysburg Address is today. This blog was originally meant to process thoughts from my travels with the Presidential Academy a couple of years ago. One of the weeks was spent in Gettysburg and it had a profound effect on me. You can't wander the battlefield and remain unmoved. You can't wander the cemetery without feeling two emotions seemingly at odds with themselves: pround sadness and profound hope. The Gettysburg Address beutifully captures both in a way I don't think any other speech does.

This blog now serves as a gateway to my thoughts on oratory and so this post fits.

But I've also been waxing eloquent on Thanksgiving and I think it fits as a post to that as well. Lincoln hits the nail on the head when he reminds us that we can't consecrate what has already been consecrated. Our job is to pick up the plow and continue the work. Veteran's Day last Monday and Thanksgiving this Thursday are great bookends for that sense of gratitude and expectation Lincoln suggests. Gratitude at the work done for us. Expectation at our work ahead.

The link above is to Ken Burn's take on the Gettysburg Address.

The link below is my take on the national cemetery at Gettysburg.

Declaration Address and Dream-July 21, 2011

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