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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Zombie Apocolypse Thanksgiving?

Normal Rockwell, Feeedom From Want (LOC)

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll.
I use this Rockwell poster in class when we get to civics. We talk about FDR's Four Freedoms Speech. Delivered in January of 1941, the US hadn't thrown their hat in the ring in Europe and Japan wouldn't attack Pearl Harbor for 11 months. However, FDR, in his annual address to Congress suggested that were certain rights (TJ would have suggested unalienable ones) which were held by mankind and required all of mankind to protect. FDR's four were: freedom from fear, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom from want. Norman Rockwell took these themes and created four paintings, the one above is Freedom from Want. He uses something so wholey American, Thanksgving, to suggest this ideal isn't tied to one culture but all. Kinda brilliant if you ask me.
Of course, you can't create an iconic image without homages. I'm only posting a few of them and I pulled them all of the intrawebthingy so I apologize for my lack of sourcing but its a holiday and I'm gonna go back to hanging out with the fam. (BTWs-most of the images came from a blog titled Toner Mishap--I don't know where they got them, but again, MLA Takes a Holiday)
BTW-If you want to see the Modern Family epidode the picture is based on, its called Tableau Vivant and is a riot.
Again, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Freedom from Want ... Modern Family style
Reckneck Thanksgiving

Justice Society of America


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