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The goal of this blog initially was for Mr. Mc to show his students and friends what he doing while in Pennsylvania and DC in 2011. Now it's being used as a place for him, travelling colleagues and former students to discuss edumacation and history related "stuff" as well as ... well, anything which pops into his head. Mr. Mc would never knowingly embarrass either the school he loves or the family he is devoted to. By joining in the discussion, he expects the same of you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photos from the battlefield ...

There is not much to say about the battlefield tours other than eight hours on-site only scratches the surface of what to see, what to read and what to absorb. Dr. Gary Gallagher from UVA was a phenomenal guide. Not only does he get history (he is a top tier historian) but he gets teachers and this battle. It was 90+ degrees each day with not alot of shade and alot of walking up hills and fields but I would do another 8 hours in a heartbeart.
As you look at these pictures, don't think in terms of rocks or fields or terrain. Think in terms of people. There are around 1500 monuments and its easy to get blase about them. I know I did until I was reminded that the monument are placed where the regiment, brigade, general, or soldier either started the battle or died or ended the battle. Casualties for these three days were in the tens of thousands. Tens of thousands.

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