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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"...just plain, honest men."

Today was Federalist versus Anti-Federalist which mean James Madison! Dr. Lloyd pointed out that Jay, Hamilton and Madison spoke with one voice as Publius so I shold acknowledge that the other two were there as well. One of the things I walked away with today was more respect for the Anti-Federalists and more awareness of the brilliance of the Federalist argument. In my reverence however, Dr. Lloyd offers caution. In the day, the Federalist leadership were seen in their camps as demi-gods and in the opposition camp as demi-demons. Governour Morris suggests they were neither but "just plain honest men". The question I've been playing with for part of the day is, "who is this generation's 'plain honest people." What leader is thinking beyond winning to governing? What leader is interested in elevating the conversation to what is best for the republic rather than what is best for this or that party or interest group. I would say something about faction (Federalist 10) but I am still wrestling with when an interest group become as faction. Madison has some clear thought on factions and their oppressiveness and I'm still processing on what might mean for us today.

Some photos from today:
Liberty Bell--as seen in National Treasure (Independence Hall is in the background)

Liberty Bell-the other side

Second National Bank-the one closed down by President Jackson during the Bank Wars

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