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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Podium Point Seven: Don't get all bent out of shape!

How many of us had a mother who cajoled us to, "Stand Up Straight!"? As a speaker, listen to your mother.

It sounds deceptively simple. And it is. However, when you look at the act of speaking, posture is central to success. Standing erect helps with presence, pace, diction and volume.

So much of what we do nowadays works against a student's posture. Looking at SMARTphones, computer desks and terminals, and backpacks, its a wonder our kids can walk upright.

With all the FitBit devices out there, it is no surprise that one of them, by Arki, analyzes posture as you walk. I hadn't thought about it, but it makes sense that posture affects how productive your steps are. There is a device you strap to your back and run via Bluetooth, but I like that the Arki device analyzes gait and suggests fixes there. (BTW-sorry about not being able to imbed the video from Arki. For some reason, videos won't upload on Blogger...working on getting that resolved.)

So, listen your mother. And it would hurt to call now and then, would it?

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