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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What Would You Bring to the New World?

These images are ones I took while at Jamestown a few years ago. The man in the pictures is Dr. Bill Kelso. He is the archeologist resopnsible for finding the 'real' Jamestown location in the 80s. He had been the lead archeologist at Monticello and they were one of our sponsoring organizations, so we were given a behind the scenes tour of all things Jamestown.

We have been exploring Jamestown and Plimoth Colony this week and one of the exercises we tried was one born from National Geographic article titled, What Would You Take to the New World. (BTW- Find the tab with the photography by Robert Clark. Exceptional.) The premise is simple enough, what would you take on the voyage. The students could bring one personal item and one item trade. Here is a sampling of their choices:

Weapon: knife, Swiss Army Knife, rifle, shotgun (preferably 12 ga.), gun, cannon, semi automatic M14 with adjustable stock, silencer and extended magazine, military care package, lots of rounds of ammunition,my Sig Sauer, machete

Electronics: iphone, laptop, my phone, Kindle, Surface

Jewelry: Jewelry (to trade), trinkets (to trade), diamonds, jewels,

Transportation: ATV, golf cart

Pets (including a horse and a pet tiger!)



Fishing Equipment



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