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The goal of this blog initially was for Mr. Mc to show his students and friends what he doing while in Pennsylvania and DC in 2011. Now it's being used as a place for him, travelling colleagues and former students to discuss edumacation and history related "stuff" as well as ... well, anything which pops into his head. Mr. Mc would never knowingly embarrass either the school he loves or the family he is devoted to. By joining in the discussion, he expects the same of you.

Monday, August 6, 2012

10 days and counting (or ... what happened to summer?!)

You know how you go along and think you have more time than you really have and then ... boom ... reality rears its ugly head.

That was last Friday. After three really nice sessions in my online course through Gilder Lehrman, I woke up Friday with alot of catch-up errands. Among them was enrolling the boys-sophomore and eight grade. It was at one of the schools that it hit me that there are ten days of summer left. And really, not even ten.

I report back to school, at least part time, on Thursday. That is after two more days of my online class so ... today is really it. Next week is the 'Back-to School Gauntlet'. Ice Cream Socials. Meet the Teachers. In-services. Work days and meetings. And then first day of school!

This is a really exciting part of the year. A chance to hear what everyone did for the summer. A chance to put the thought and schemes into practice. A chance to get back into the rhythm of the year.

This year I'll be teaching a new subject for me, European History. I'll end up teaching three separate trimesters this year of the class. I'm really excited but a little worried as I continue to feel like I'm scrambling to get it all together. Will keep you posted.

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