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Thursday, June 6, 2013

For teachers for whom nerd isn't their first language-Step Two: Research

Okay, I'm hoping this will be more interactive...
This is the second of four posts on a blog entry from 21st Century Fluency and Edudemic.

Step one was to define what your needs are. What are your goals? How tech savvy are you? Your students?

Step two is to research what is out there. Now, the article from Edudemic is focused on school level programs (RevolutionK12, Gooru, or EdisonLearning, for example). I'm not the 'deciderer' on stuff like that so will defer to the IT professionals. The research I'm wrestling with is what apps to bring into the classroom. That is where the interactive part of this comes in.

Many of ya'll are further down the technology rabbit hole than me and I would love to what works in your classroom or office and what doesn't. To that end, I'm asking for comments. I'm going to start the ball rolling with a few I use in the classroom...what do you use:

I am going to use Edmodo more next year than I ever have. The folks at Ford's Theater want to use it for the fellowship program. I'm still playing around with it but ...

Skype, FaceTime or some other video conferencing software
Last year was the first year I video conferenced and it was a hit. I have been compiling a list of people, organizations, other classes we could totally work with.

I really like using Prezi. Think of it as Powerpoint but, instead of going from slide to slide, there is only one slide and it moves you around it.

I have a Weebly account but don't really use it. It feels like the same as Edmodo. Would love to hear someone who uses and loves Weebly talk about it. Some teachers here love Glogster, but I haven't used it other than to play with it.

Ok, so now the ball is in your court. WHAT APPS DO YOU USE?

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