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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"If politics brings out the worst in people; maybe people bring out the best..."

Senator Jerry Moran, R-Kansas
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When I see and adult in the hallway at school, my first thought is parents and so I was going through my mental roldex to figure out who this man walking up to my collegues and me. Then I recognized him ...

US Senator Jerry Moran stopped by my classroom unannounced. I had written him about a missed chance to meet him while in Washington DC and he decided to visit me instead. He said mine was one of nicest 'disgruntled' letters he had seen and so wanted to contact me. He had a little extra time that morning and so stopped by. 

No warning. No entourage.

To say I was suprised would be an understatement. On the first day back, before my first hour ...

The senator then spent my first hour chatting with my students about being a public servant. He talked about his family, school, and his new roles as one of the leaders of the Senate. He was gracious and self-depricating and my kids, in the first few minutes back from holiday break, were fascinated.

I know we blather on about partisan politics and dysfunction and he acknowledged the messiness of elections and governing. But you also got the honor he felt in public service. He reminded me that we can look at politics in a crass and cynical manner. We can also look at it from the standpoint of public servants qenuinely trying to both balance their ideals at the same time trying to discern and do the will of the people who trusted them enough to elect them.

Easily one of my favorite movies of all time.
Mr. Smith makes me think of fillubuster and I can't think fillibuster without this clip from West Wing.
As a grandfather, I concur.

To be honest, I had Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in my mind all day as a result. I know political neophytes will see me as a Polyanna and I know there are harsh realities to politics and governing, but they can sit down and shut their pie holes as I wax philosophically on why public servants serve. I honestly believe you don't go through what elected officials go through in order to play Machiavelli. Senator Moran proved my point yesterday.

I was so glad my kids got to meet Senator Moran.

I was so glad I got to meet him.

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