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Saturday, July 28, 2012

All my friends have nearly 50 slaves each ...

This is a video someone put together about Slavery Footprint

Ok, For the past week I've asked folks to go to Slavery Footprint and see what their footprint is. I have been encouraged by the number of folks who did. Almost 20 brave souls also posted their number on the blog or on Facebook. I know, based on emails to me, that a larger number took the survery but decided not to post their footprint. (BTW--if you want to continue to post your number to the comments of that entry, please feel free--I will update the average every once and a while.)

Based on those who posted, the average number of slaves was

...almost 49

Many of you posted what items of services purchased explained your number. A short list includes:
  • Jewelry
  • BluRay players
  • Came Consoles
  • Computers
  • Smart Phones
  • Clothing
I've been wrestling all week with what my next steps should be. I've never been a good 'activist'. I tend to do better working from the inside. I served for a while advising the legislature on a couple specific community issues as well a professional trainer on those same issue and felt like I did more there than if I picketted and boycotted.

So, here is what I've decided to do.

The first thing was to take advantage of Slavery Footprints network already in place and send a few emails. I sent five emails to businesses I frequent:
  • Apple
  • Nike
  • Krogers
  • Samsung
  • Arby's
I also posted my status on Facebook. I try to stay out of politics (as a teacher I think I serve better neutral), but after spending a week at Frederick Douglass' home and Lincoln's Cottage, its hard to stay on the sidelines on this one.

The last thing I did today was to send notes to my political leaders:
  • Wichita Police Chief Williams
  • Both Senators Roberts and Moran
  • Governor Brownback
  • Oddly, the Kansas members of the House of Representatives weren't an option on the Slavery Footprint site.
AS I said, this is my start. I have decided to follow up electronic notes with personal one. I am adding a couple folks I know in the state legislature as well representative in the House. For my friends, you know I'm a bright shiny object kinda guy so don't be afraid to ask me what I've done lately on this issue. I also know that my passion may not be yours so, if human trafficking ain't it, I respect that. But ... what are you doing to make your community, nation and world better?

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